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Our Church Planting Ministry
  In l973, we began our first church in the city of Madrid after having arrived in Spain at the end of l971. We began services in our living room and finally God led us to a building that we purchased. It was on the ground floor of a three-story apartment building. It was an unfinished building located on a dirt street in not a very nice neighborhood; but it was all we could afford at that time. We had to add the floor, ceiling, doors, windows, baptistry, bathrooms etc. 

   The church was named, Iglesia Bautista Calvario (Calvary Baptist Church). Since that time, the neighborhood has been developed, the street is now paved and the entrance to the subway that connects it to the entire city of Madrid is only four blocks from the church. 

    After 20 years of ministering in that church, it was turned over to the congregation. It is now totally indigenous, the property is paid for and has its own pastor. We no longer report on this work as our own, but it continues to go forward and holds to sound doctrine and practice.
Congregation - 1989
Calvary Baptist Church - Madrid
The Cross Baptist Church - Guadalajara
The Pastor Torres Family
Pastor Angel Torres
    The church where we now minister is in the city of Guadalajara, about an hour outside the city of Madrid. We have worked in this church during the past 20 years. The name of the church is Iglesia Bautista La Cruz (The Cross Baptist Church). 

  This church was started some ten years before we moved out to Guadalajara. It was started by another missionary who later left for another city. There was only one baptized member when we took over the work. They were meeting on a main avenue of the city but the auditorium was in a basement and very inadequate. In 2003, we were able to sell the old building and buy the ground floor of a five- story apartment building in a nearby neighbor-hood and a better location. The following year, we also purchased an adjacent building that we use for young people's activities and Sunday School. 

   The present pastor is a Spanish national, Bro. Angel Torres. He is married to Mari Mar who was born in northern Spain and saved in a Baptist Church there. They met at our youth camp. They now have three children ages 14, 13, and 10. We continue to work in the church with teaching, preaching, music etc. but more as helpers rather than pastoring the church ourselves. Our current attendance is between 60 and 70 people on Sunday morning and 30 to 40 on prayer meeting night. The church is paying off the two buildings on a monthly basis, paying Pastor Torres a nominal salary, and supporting 10 mission projects per month at approximately $110 (100 euros) each.
Sunday School Annex